Diesel mechanics are professionals who overhaul, repair and inspect trucks, buses and different kinds of diesel engines. Although the majority of diesel mechanics receive on the job training after completing high school, many employers prefer to hire employees who have industry certification or have completed a post secondary training course.

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Diesel Tech Schools In Michigan

In order to cater to the growing infrastructure needs and a dire need for trained mechanic technicians, a number of diesel mechanic schools have opened up in Michigan. These schools offer specialized training and courses to individuals. Following are some of the well reputed Diesel Mechanic Schools in Michigan:

  1. Baker College

The Auto/Diesel Institute of Michigan is a division of the Baker College and offers the following degrees to students:

  • Associate of Applied Science, Automotive Service Technology: The AAS program has been given accreditation by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). The program takes 60 hours to complete. The coursework and training is expected to teach students how to interpret technical/non-technical information to service repairs, perform repairs and interpret/diagnose automotive issues.
  • Certificate in Automotive Service Technology: This certificate takes 60 hours to complete and combines hands on experience and classroom learning to teach students about different vehicle systems and functions. Modules included in this certificate include Engine Performance, Brakes, Steering & Suspensions and Electronic/Electrical Systems etc.
  • Certificate in Diesel Service Technology: The program takes 32 hours to complete. The curriculum includes a range of topics such as Diesel Engine Repair, Heavy Duty Brake Service, Diesel Engine Theory and more.
  • Associate of Applied Science, Diesel Service Technology: This 60 hour program covers topics like Hydraulic Repairs/Systems, Heavy Duty Drive trains and Diesel Engines etc. The program helps students learn about repair, diagnosis, operating principles and engine theory.
  1. Delta College

The Delta College offers the following programs:

  • Associate of Applied Science, Automotive Service Technology: This degree prepares students to become service writers or technicians. The course content covers Brakes, Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Heating and Air Conditioning etc.
  • Associate of Applied Science/Associate in Business Studies, Automotive Service Technology: This dual degree covers modules such as Automatic Transmission Level, Business Mathematics, Engine Performance, Suspension & Steering etc.
  • Associate of Applied Science, Heavy Duty Diesel Service Technology: This program prepares students for entry level positions such as a heavy duty diesel service mechanic. The curriculum is a mix of hands on training that covers a range of power systems, engines and diesel vehicles.

Apart from the degree programs, a number of automotive service technology certificates are also offered. These include: Advanced Certificate in Automotive Service Technology, Advanced Certificate in MLR Specialist, Advanced Certificate in Undercar Specialist and Advanced Certificate in Heavy Duty Service Technology.

  1. Henry Ford College

The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) have certified the programs/certificates offered by this college.

  • Associate of Applied Science, Automotive Service Management (Technical Concentration): It focuses on business management modules and technical skills.
  • Associate of Applied Science, Automotive Technology: This course provides a thorough understanding of complex systems found in vehicles such as drive train and ignition etc.
  • Associate of Applied Science, Automotive Service: This program prepares students for repair and service positions in garages and automobile dealerships.
  • Certificate, Automotive Technology: After completing this certificate, students can pursue careers as service technicians, service managers, parts managers and Dynamometer technicians.



In today’s competitive job market, those who have certifications and advanced training, along with sound knowledge of service and vehicle technologies, have the best job prospects and a highest earning potential. If you also want to receive advanced training in automotive/diesel technology, then apply to one of the above mentioned diesel mechanic schools in Michigan at the earliest.